Multiple Sclerosis 150 Mile Bike Ride

Craig's Crankers in 2011

On August 13, 2011 an elite group of cyclists named the Craig's Crankers traveled to northern Ohio in honor of Craig Washka. These individuals took to the road for the next two days and covered more than 150 miles for the Pedal To The Point ride in support of Multiple Sclerosis. Craig thanked all members for their efforts in saying, " The MS 150 was fantastic this year with plenty of challenges! I crossed the finish line because of your support and kind words! Thanks for everything. I decided to skip a few miles each day to save my power for the finishes and it really helped. I rode about 100 of the 150 miles and feel great! Love you all! Love my Team! Come Ride with us next year!

Special thanks to Robin Bell and a few of the "Crankers'" who took the time to capture this year's event and share their photographs. The below two slideshows were produced in honor of "Team Captain Craig Washka."  Links to photos will be provided soon.

Day 1          Day 2




Craig's Crankers in 2010


On Aug. 14, 2010 a handful of bicycle riders met in Cleveland, Ohio to form a team known as Craig's Crankers under the direct leadership of Craig Washka.  This group of individuals would embark on a two-day, 150-mile bike ride from Cleveland to Sandusky, Ohio and back.

We experienced many challenges ranging from a severe thunderstorm to blazing heat on a country road. However, when the finish line was crossed all challenges were overcome and we were all winners. 

Special thanks to the team riders of Craig's Crankers; the volunteers who provided support throughout the weekend; and Robin Bell who spent more than 24 hours in our SAG vehicle capturing this beautiful weekend with photographic memories.

Take a moment to enjoy the following two slide shows: Day 1  Day 2

Individual photos to be downloaded are coming!



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