Devil Dog Madness 2015


With the rest of the world enjoying Madness in March, we figured why not make it a family affair.

Our family fun pool is open to all. Some people use a coin, others pick based on mascots, some use a popsicle stick and then there are the hardcore prognosticators who consider themselves experts. Many of these "experts" cannot name the state of many of the colleges they are predicting to win.  Good luck to all who are "doing it their way."

Having said all that, here it is (as of March 23rd, 2015) the standings, results and predictions of the Devildog Madness 2015.


 Summary of results as of 23 March     Summary

Round of 64 Results     Round 1

Round of 32 Results     Round 2

Sweet 16 Predictions    Round 3

Elite 8 Predictions     Round 4

Final 4 Predictions    Round 5

Championship Game Predictions     Round 6