2013 California Road Trip

16 days, 6,500 miles, 14 states, Highest Point 11,425 feet above sea level, Lowest Point -300 feet below sea level


Overview slideshow -- Songs include "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Guns N Roses, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith, and "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.

Runtime (21:57)

1 -  Newark to Leavenworth, Kansas –  (St. Louis Arch, Penitentiary, )

2 - Leavenworth to Colorado Springs, Colo. – (Winter Storm Triton)

3 and 4 - Colorado Springs, Colo (USAF Academy, Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods)

4 – Colorado Springs to Cortez, Colorado - (Great Sand Dunes, Natural Bridges, Mesa Verde).

Day 5 - Cortez, Colorado to Fort Tuthill, Ariz - (Four Corners, Natural Bridges, Monument Valley)

6 – Flagstaff, Ariz to Big Bear Lake, Calif – (Birthplace of Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona, Fort Tuthill)

7 – Big Bear Lake, Calif - (Boulder Bay Park, San Bernardino Mts., Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, California)

8 and 9 – Long Beach, Calif – (Ft. MacArthur, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)

10 – Edwards AFB, Calif – (NASA B52, Mojave Desert)

11 and 12 – Las Vegas, Nev –  (Las Vegas, Donny & Marie Concert, Nellis ABF, Nevada, Death Valley)

13 – Bishop, Calif – (Mono Basin, East side of Sierra Nevada range)

14 – Quincy, Calif - (Visiting Rozanne and Ray)

15 – Salt Lake City, Utah - (Mormon Assembly Hall and Tabernacle, Camp Williams, Utah)

16 – Cheyenne, Wyoming – (F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming)

17 – Omaha, Nebraska - (Offutt AFB, Nebraska)

17 – Return to Newark, Ohio

Day 1    Day 1 Newark, Ohio to Leavenworth, Kansas. Picked the Carpenter's song "We've only just begun. Most photos are from the window since our plan was to get a jump on weather and make the long drive. (Runtime 3:05)
Day 2    Day 2 Leavenworth, Kansas to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Decided to use the song "Riding The Storm Out" from REO Speedwagon since many of the photos were from Winter Storm Triton. (Runtime 6:50)
Day 3    Day 3 in Colorado Springs.We toured the Air Force Academy including the Cadet Chapel. We enjoyed Pike's Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Toured Manitou Springs.  Songs for this show: "Rocky Mountain Way" by the James Gang; "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver; "Welcome to Wherever You Are" by Bon Jovi and "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce. (Runtime 15:30)
Day 4a    Day 4 we headed south from Colorado Springs and west when we reached Walsenburg, Colo. In In this slideshow, we capture the beauty of Sangre de Christo Mountains, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Rio the Grande National Forest. Day ends on Tuesday. Music for this show: "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Slow Ride" by Foghat and "Horse With No Name" by America for horses southern Colorado. (Runtime 12:27)
Day 4b   Our second video for this day includes a visit to Mesa Verde. Songs for this tour include: "God Bless The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts and "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. (Runtime 8:19)
Day 5a   Day 5 we stayed in Cortez, Colorado, capture some of the beauty of Four Corners, the terrain of southwestern Colorado, Mule Canyon Ruins, Natural Bridges, Moki Dugway, and Mexican Hat. Songs selected include: "Your Song" by Elton John, "Photograph" by Nickelback,  "Limelight" by Rush and of course "There Are Places I Remember" by The Beatles. (Runtime 14:26)
Day 5b   Day 5 continues with our visit to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Slideshow displays images portraying what we know as "The American West." Music selected for this slideshow include some Sounds of Nature Relaxation Music and then "Like A Rock" sung by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. (Runtime 9:08)
Day 6   On Day 6 we awoke in Arizona and would hit California by sunset. Along the road we got some "Kicks on Route 66" and captured some images of the Arizona desert. Music for this show includes "Route 66" by Nat King Cole and "Everyday is a Winding Road" by Sheryl Crow. (Runtime 7:16).
Day 7  On Day 7 we left Big Bear Lake crossing the San Bernardino snow capped mountains and enjoyed sunshine in Los Angeles. Best part of trip on this day. Music for this leg is "Going to California" by Led Zepplin, "California" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and "Hotel California" by the Eagles. (Runtime 11:48)
Day 8  On Day 8, We awoke at our lodging in Fort MacArthur and the highlight of the say was enjoying a graduation commencement with family in Long Beach, California. Music selection for this slideshow is the Graduation Song by Vitamin C. (Runtime 5:40).
Day 9  On Day 9 we remained in Southern California taking in the experience of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.   
    Day 10        On Day 10 we enjoyed seeing the Mojave Desert and enjoyed spending some time at Edwards AFB.
  Day 11    Day 11 brought us the bright lights of Las Vegas.  Robin was finally able to have front row tickets to a Donny and Marie concert in the Flamingo.
Day 12    On Day 12, we were able to say we were in the lowest point in the US at Death Valley. Jack was able to swing a club on the Devil's Gold Course.
 Day 13     We headed north on Day 13 as a threatening storm near Bishop, California was looming. We  enjoyed a nice dinner in this part of California on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.
 Day 14    Day 15 was another highlight in our journey as we were able to spend some time with cousin Rozanne and Ray in beautiful Quincy, California.
   Day 15   On Day 15 we headed back east as we ledt Quincy, Calif., and crossed northern Nevada before spending the night in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  Day 16   On Day 16 we spent the majority of our day driving across the plains of southern Wyoming.
  Day 17  On Day 17 we made our way across the heartland in Nebraska before settling down for the night in Omaha, Nebraska.
  Day 18   The final leg of our journey found us leaving Omaha Nebraska and driving through Illinois, Indiana and at night fall making it home to Newark, Ohio.

A WORK IN PROGRESS - Continuing to build slideshows of our 2013 journey out west--come back soon.